automatedassemblythumbVariety Die & Stamping has invested heavily in developing cutting edge automation concepts with the flexibility and cost in mind. Our automation design philosophy is to create flexible solutions that can readily accommodate product design changes. Read more

manualassemblythumbVariety Die & Stamping maintains a dedicated assembly department team for both long and short run projects. Using ergonomically optimized work cells and top of the line equipment, our goal is provide quality product at a competitive cost. Read more

balancingthumbVariety Die & Stamping has years of experience in the mechanical balancing of stampings used for rotational systems. Our use of precision and cutting edge concepts are developed with flexibility and cost in mind. Read more

sortingthumbVariety Die & Stampings utilizes both automated and manual sorting for products requiring zero defect targets. Current sorting techniques include machine vision, Go/No-Go gauging and variable gauging. Read more