spotwelding2Spot welding is an economical way to mechanically attach assembly components.  Variety employs a full range of approaches from manual spot welding for prototype work all the way up to full automated robotic work cells. Read more

projectionweldingthumbProjection welding works on the same principle as spot welding. The advantage is that the weld electrodes are formed directly in the parts prior to assembly in order to increase production rates and reduce cost in certain applications. Read more

resistanceweldingthumb Adding the capabilities of high speed robotics to the proven assembly technology of resistance welding gives Variety Die & Stamping an unbeatable competitive edge.  By employing vision guidance and the repeatability of a robot… Read more

roboticmigweldingthumbOur Robotic MIG welding capabilities allow you the flexibility to add tube, pipe, or other non-stamped components to your assemblies before they leave our facility.  Read more